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Freaky Friday Week 3...Differentiated Pumpkin Readers!

Freaky Friday Dollar Deals 

I hope you've enjoyed the last two Freaky Fridays and were able to grab some fantastic dollar deals! We've got another round of deals this Friday (Oct.19) with 40+ stores participating.

You can jump to all of the deals by clicking below, or scroll to the bottom of this post to see all of the participating stores. This week, I'm offering my Differentiated Pumpkin Readers for $1! Keep reading to find out more about how you can use these in your classroom.

This week I've marked down my pumpkin readers. These paper-saving books cover three pumpkin topics (pumpkin life cycle, pumpkin parts, and pumpkin uses) in three different levels, giving you a total of nine books. Each book only requires one sheet of paper (printed double-sided).

Informational Printable Pumpkin Books

Assembling these books is easy. Just copy double-sided, cut each book in half horizontally, slide the top half behind the bottom half, fold in half, and staple.

differentiated pumpkin readers assembly

You can use these books, which also have an interactive component, in your guided reading groups. They are also great to send home for parents to work on with children since they incorporate reading and comprehension in one sheet of paper. Because these readers are leveled, you can provide students with the book that will give them just the right amount of challenge while letting all children learn about the same themes.

Leveled Pumpkin Readers

To help you keep track of which book is which, I have included a small triangle symbol on the cover of each.

one triangle = One short sentence per page, repetitive and predictable text
two triangles = One sentence per page, varied sentence structure, more high-frequency words
three triangles = One or two sentences per page, more complicated concepts and vocabulary

Head on over to TPT to grab these books for a dollar and don't forget to take advantage of the rest of our Freaky Friday Dollar Deals!

Differentiated Pumpkin Readers

Freaky Friday Week 2...and a Brand New Resource!

Freaky Friday Dollar Deals

Are you ready for week two of Freaky Friday 2018?

For one day only, some friends and I have each chosen one item to mark down to a dollar! Click below to see all of the deals, or scroll to the bottom of this post to take a look at each participating store!

Freaky Friday Dollar Deals

This week I have created a brand new resource to include in our promotion. This science and literacy resource is fun for fall, when scarecrows are on our minds, but can also be used any time of year. In fact, this is a great one to keep in your back pocket for a time that you need a hands-on, easy-to-plan science activity.

The Crow and the Pitcher - Freaky Friday Deal

What you will get is a PowerPoint slideshow storybook of Aesop's fable, "The Crow and the Pitcher" along with printable recording sheets for a science exploration. I have adapted and illustrated this story to help students understand the concept of displacement of fluids. I've also included turn-and-talk discussion questions, teaching points, and exploration ideas. With four suggested hands-on explorations (and recording sheets), you can pick which will work best for your students. 

The Crow and the Pitcher - Displacement, Hands-On Science

For this activity, you will need to gather a few materials ahead of time. You will need plenty of pebbles. If you don't have any that you can pillage from your own garden, you can pick up a bag of pea gravel or river pebbles from a local home improvement or gardening store for a few dollars. You will also need clear plastic disposable cups--any brand will do--and a few Sharpies (or just one if you want to do all of the marking yourself). Depending on which labs you choose, you may also need some slightly larger rocks, some marbles, craft pom poms, and plastic manipulatives (such as connecting cubes or counting bears).

For more details, or to grab this while it's a dollar, head over to TPT!

And for more great resources, check out the other stores that are participating in Freaky Friday!  Please click each store to see what they are offering as their $1 deal for the week!

It's Back! Freaky Friday Week 1!

Freaky Friday Dollar Deals October 2018

Fall is in the air and that means it's time for Freaky Friday! For the past five years, a wonderful group of 40+ TPT sellers that I'm a part of has celebrated October with weekly dollar deals. This Friday, October 5th, is the first Freaky Friday of 2018!

For one day only, each member of our group has chosen one item to mark down to a dollar. Click below to see all of the deals, or scroll to the bottom of this post to take a look at each participating store!

 Freaky Friday Dollar Deals for October 5th

This week, I have chosen my Fine Motor Skills Task Boxes for Fall to include in the sale. This set includes five seasonal fine motor activities that fit conveniently into plastic pencil boxes! Using materials that many teachers have on hand, such as pattern blocks, links, and craft pompoms, these activities are simple enough for young children to complete on their own. (Read about why fine motor practice is so important here.)

 Fine Motor Skills Fall Task Boxes

These tasks are great for morning work, busy bins, or early finishers. The activities are designed to allow students to build their finger strength and dexterity while practicing academic skills and having fun. Children and teachers love the independence these boxes afford! (Learn more about my fine motor skills task boxes here.)

I hope you find something you love in this week's collection of deals and that your fall is getting off to a great start!

 Fall Fine Motor Skills Task Boxes
These Fine Motor Skills Task Boxes include visual instruction cards to facilitate independence.